Tips and tricks for a personalized retirement newspaper

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Do you know someone who’s worked at the company for years and who’s about to retire? Don’t let this milestone go by unnoticed! Give your colleague the send-off they deserve and thank them for all the years of hard work and dedication and for all the wonderful times spent together. Look back on career highlights, share workplace memories and contemplate your colleague's new-found freedom. A personalized retirement newspaper from Happiedays is a fun and unique way to see someone off!

Turn your newspaper into the perfect retirement gift

A personalized newspaper is the perfect retirement gift and the ideal way to thank someone for all their years of hard work and dedication. A box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne are fun gifts but they lack that extra personal touch. And the card you’ve chosen has limited writing space. That’s why a retirement newspaper is the perfect farewell gift: it’s super original, extremely personal and meaningful, and it has plenty of space for you to thank your colleague extensively.

Work together with other colleagues to come up with a unique farewell gift filled with fun and memorable stories of the times spent together. We’re sure you can single out several career highlights or workplace anecdotes that are worth capturing in your newspaper. Show your appreciation and give your colleague the send-off they deserve with their very own personalized retirement newspaper!

With Happiedays, you can create the perfect retirement gift for your colleague, employee, friend, family member…  Here are a few tips and tricks on what to add to your retirement newspaper:

  • Retirement well-wishes

The main objective of your paper is to show your appreciation and to say thank you. Brainstorm with your colleagues about what you’d like to say and fill your newspaper with a bunch of personalized messages and content.

  • What's next?

Make a list of all the things your soon-to-be-retired colleague will now have time for. This can include anything from spending the whole day fishing to finally taking that scuba-diving course they’ve been talking about. Or let them know that you’ve already arranged an office reunion for next summer: that way your colleague knows they won’t be forgotten anytime soon, and you’ll all have something to look forward to.

  • A moving conclusion

Make sure to conclude your newspaper with a moving message letting your colleague know just how much they'll be missed. Don’t forget to sign off with everyone’s name and give an extra shout-out to those who helped with the newspaper.

  • Funny team photos

Take fun and creative photos with the whole team! Why not print out a portrait of your soon-to-be-retired colleague and wear it as a face mask, for instance?

  • Be creative!

The tips mentioned above merely serve as a guideline on what to add to your personalized retirement newspaper. But the possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative. Why not write an article in which you visualise everything that will go wrong in the workplace once your colleague has left, for example? Or create a spoof job vacancy listing all the funny qualifications that would be needed in order to fill your colleague’s shoes? - E.g. “Will need the ability to tell fun and engaging stories about their grandchildren. Accompanying photographs or other adorable visuals are a plus.” It’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

Make a personalized retirement newspaper - Happiedays
A retirement newspaper is the perfect farewell gift for your colleague
Make a personalized retirement newspaper - Happiedays
Highlight your colleague's career with memorable stories
Make a personalized retirement newspaper - Happiedays
And wish them well in the next chapter of their lives

Turn your newspaper into a unique retirement party invitation

Are you planning a surprise party at the office for your colleague who is about to retire? Or have you reached retirement age and want to throw a farewell party before you go? Whether you’re a teacher, lawyer, construction worker, or freelance copywriter… everyone deserves a proper send-off. Invite your guests with a personalized retirement newspaper and you’ll be guaranteed a higher turnout!

With the help of our user-friendly online editor, the possibilities when making your own newspaper are endless! Take a look at our retirement templates if you’re lacking inspiration. These templates are filled with fun ideas and will surely get those creative juices flowing! You can use these templates as a starting block for your own newspaper or you can start from scratch if you’d prefer.

Checklist for your party invitation:

  • Date and time: When will the farewell party be taking place?
  • Venue: Where will the farewell party be taking place?
  • RSVP: How do you want your guests to RSVP? Via email, text message, or a phone call?
  • Type of party: Casual drinks, a dance party, a posh dinner…
  • Gift tip: It’s always a good idea to give your guests a gift tip, or to let them know what you’ve been saving up for. This makes it easier for everyone involved. You can also come up with a fun and playful way of mentioning the type of gifts you’d rather not receive.

For a more extensive checklist or for more invitation tips, take a look at our checklist for your unique party invitation.

Want to make your own personalized retirement newspaper? Get started immediately with our newspaper templates. Our retirement templates will give you a great idea of all the possibilities and are bound to get the creative juices flowing. Be sure to check our retirement theme page for more fun ideas and extra tips and tricks that are guaranteed to turn your retirement gift into a major hit!