Make a newspaper for a fun and original baby announcement

Create and print a newspaper baby announcement with the help of our newspaper templates and online newspaper generator

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Make a newspaper baby announcement to share the good news

Is there any better feeling than holding your new bundle of joy in your arms for the very first time? We can only imagine how much you’ve been looking forward to this moment. But you’re not the only one who anxiously awaited the arrival of your newest family member. Share the good news with friends and family with a unique and original baby announcement. Reflect on the last nine months and look ahead to what the future holds. And don’t forget to add lots of adorable photos of your little one.

Make a newspaper at Happiedays for a truly unique and original baby announcement. You can create your own newspaper using our online editor and newspaper templates. And we’ll have it printed and delivered to your doorstep.

Make a newspaper for a fun baby announcement - Happiedays

Share your excitement with an original pregnancy announcement

You’ve kept it a secret for a couple of weeks now, but it’s finally time to share your exciting news! Make a newspaper pregnancy announcement to let your friends and family know you’re expecting. There are lots of fun and creative pregnancy announcement ideas that you can feature in your paper: whether it’s a playful photo of your baby bump, an adorable poem written on behalf of your unborn baby, or a copy of your first sonogram. It’s is a great way to let everyone know just how much you’re looking forward to this new chapter in your life!

Create a newspaper to announce your pregnancy - Happiedays

Turn your newspaper into a unique christening or baby shower invitation

Looking for a fun and original way to invite your friends and family to your baby shower or christening? Why not make a newspaper for truly unique christening or baby shower invitation? Besides all the practical information, you can add lots of adorable photos of your new bundle of joy. And let’s face it: as new parents, your camera rolls must be overflowing with new baby photos you’re dying to share! So why not pick out your favorites and add them to this truly unique christening or baby shower invitation!

Do you want to make sure you haven’t left out any important information? Be sure to check out this checklist for your newspaper invitation!

Create a newspaper as a great baby shower invitation - Happiedays
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