Make a newspaper for Valentine’s Day

Make a newspaper for Valentine's Day - Happiedays

When we think of Valentine’s Day gifts, we often think of the classic gifts: flowers, chocolate, jewellery, perfume or a romantic dinner. These are all great gifts! But if you’re looking for something truly unique and special, why not make a personalized newspaper for Valentine’s Day? Your partner will love the extra time and effort that’s gone into such a personal gift!

Tips and tricks for making a newspaper for Valentine’s Day

Looking to score some major brownie points this Valentine’s Day? A personalized newspaper is the perfect Valentine’s Day for your partner. Here are some tips and tricks to help you score this Valentine’s Day. And remember: the more time and effort that goes into your newspaper, the bigger the surprise!

  • Make your Valentine’s Day gift as personal as you can

It’s always a great idea to add a personal touch to your gifts. A short message in a card, on a sticky note or on the wrapping paper. And if you really want to impress, you can even make a newspaper for Valentine’s Day filled with all your personal messages! A personalized newspaper is the perfect way to write a detailed love note to your partner while also adding lots of your most cherished photos together. It’s not hard to make a unique and original newspaper for Valentine’s Day. With just a few poems, personal messages and photos, you can create your own personalized Valentine’s Day gift in no time! And given that it’s so affordable, you can easily combine this unique gift with a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolate.

a personalized newspaper is a fun and unique Valentine's Day gift - Happiedays
  • Attach your newspaper to a helium balloon for an extra special delivery

A personalized newspaper is a great Valentine’s Day gift. And just like any other gift, there are fun ways to gift wrap this unique and original surprise, too. Why not attach your newspaper to a helium balloon, for example? You can even opt for a personalized balloon with a fun photo or choose for a heart-shaped balloon with your names written. Attached to your personalized newspaper, this unique gift wrap makes two gifts in one!

  • Choose a fun moment to enjoy your Valentine’s Day gift together

Do you read the morning newspaper together or does your partner have a fixed ‘newspaper moment’? On Valentine’s Day, swap your regular paper with your personalized copy for a great surprise. Not big readers? Your own ‘love bird gazette’ accompanied by a full breakfast is bound to be a hit! Start the day off right and surprise you partner with a heartfelt gift on Valentine’s Day.

  • Surprise your partner with an old-school love letter

Besides a photo-collage of your favourite moments together, a newspaper is also a unique and original way to pen down an old-school love letter to your partner. Take this opportunity to reflect on your love for one another and show your partner just how much they mean to you. Imagine reading all those lovely words in your very own newspaper article? Can’t find the right words to declare your love? Not to worry! There are plenty of writers and poets out there who know exactly what to say. Choose a poem that truly means something to you and that perfectly expresses how you feel. Make a newspaper for Valentine’s Day and let you partner know just how much you love them.

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  • Turn your newspaper into a photo gift.

Is there anything more personal than a photo gift in which the happy couple takes centre stage. Forget the traditional newspaper and make a newspaper for Valentine’s Day filled with your favourite photos. Take the opportunity to look back at your fondest memories of romantic dates, adventurous trips and important milestones with fun photos, anecdotes and personal stories.

Make a personalized newspaper for the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea - Happiedays
  • Announce your surprise getaway in a unique way

Have you planned a weekend getaway, a spa retreat or other romantic trip away? Make a newspaper for Valentine’s Day and reveal the big surprise in a unique and original way. Give a rough sketch of your plans, create a homemade voucher for the trip and add lots of fun information about your romantic getaway. Or why not hide the surprise with a treasure hunt? With a newspaper filled with crossword puzzles, hidden messages and difficult questions, you can turn your newspaper into the ultimate treasure map.

Now it’s up to you! Get inspired by our tips and tricks and make your own newspaper for Valentine’s Day. Use one of our many newspaper templates or opt for a blank template if you’d prefer to start from scratch. Add lots of texts, images and icons and you’ll be done in no time! All that’s left to do is order the newspaper and we’ll make sure it’s printed and delivered to your doorstep.