Make a newspaper for the new calendar year

Make a newspaper for the new calendar year - Happiedays

After a well-deserved break, the time has finally arrived: it’s time to get back to work! Whether you’re part of a youth organisation, a student association or a sports club, one thing is sure: you’re raring to go and ready to get stuck into this year’s new challenges! And so too are the team leaders, managers and directors, as they search for new and creative ways to make the start of the new working year as fun as possible!

So why not welcome your members to the new working year with a personalized newspaper? Thanks to Happiedays, you can design the newspaper(s) yourself as well as have a copy delivered separately to each member’s home. This way you’re bound to make a great first impression!

Not sure what to add? We’ve summed up some suggestions for you below:

What to include in your newspaper for the new working year

  • Add a welcoming word from the team leaders, the managers, or the directors. Thank your members for renewing their membership with the club, organisation or association. Look back at memorable events from the previous years and outline the expectations for the coming year. And thank parting members for all their hard work whilst wish new members luck for the upcoming year.


  • Introduce the team leaders, the managers or the directors of your organisation, association or club. You can mention the basics such as name, address, date of birth, and contact details; but you can also add several fun extra’s such as nicknames, studies/work, hobbies, etc. And don’t forget to add a picture: it’s always good to be able to put a face to a bij elke leider/begeleider/bestuurslid een foto bij te plaatsen. Dit zorgt voor herkenning en stelt de leden veel rapper gerust.


  • Draw up an annual programme with an overview of the events and activities for the upcoming working year. Don’t forget to mention the name, date, time and location of each event or activity, as well as a brief explanation of what your members are to expect. You can also take this opportunity to inform your members if they need to prepare or bring something special to any particular event or activity. It’s best to give as much information as possible on the upcoming events and activities: that way your members will be able to plan ahead of time.


  • Set out (new) agreements. Are there certain rules and agreements that your members need to adhere to at your organisation, association or club? Or have you set out several new rules and agreements for the upcoming year that you want to point out? Highlight these rules and agreements in your newspaper and avoid any confusion or miscommunication in the upcoming working year.


  • Tease the annual camp or team-building weekend. Where and when will it be taking place? What will be special about this camp/weekend? Give your members a heads up and share all the information you know about this year’s camp/weekend getaway. Or do you want to keep things a surprise? Then make a cryptic page in your newspaper to arouse curiosity and get your members talking!