Make a newspaper for Christmas and New Year's

Make your own Christmas and New Year’s newspaper - Happiedays

Come Christmas time, is your fireplace decorated with lots of fun Christmas cards from friends and family? Probably! Because for many people, sending and receiving Christmas and New Year’s cards has become a holiday tradition. These vary from the traditional Hallmark cards to the homemade family portrait cards. But if you’re looking for something truly original this year, why not make your own Christmas and New Year’s newspaper filled with lots of holiday cheer and best wishes!

Traditional Christmas and New Year’s cards can be a lot of fun, but a newspaper can be even more fun! Think of all the possibilities! Christmas and New Year’s is a time to reflect on and celebrate the best moments of the past year… but how do you fit all your family’s best moments into a single card? That’s why you can make your own Christmas and New Year’s newspaper with the entire family! Look back at the year’s highlights, share fun anecdotes of your family holiday, write a personal message for friends and extended family, and add lots and lots of fun photos!

Make your own Christmas newspaper for an original Christmas card - Happiedays

Turn your newspaper into an original Christmas card

Make your own Christmas newspaper and you’re guaranteed to win this year’s prize for most original greeting card! And it’s not hard to do! Thanks to the Happiedays editor, you can create your own greeting card with the slightest of ease!

Make your own Christmas newspaper for a unique gift idea  - Happiedays

What to add to your Christmas newspaper

Be sure to add lots of great festive content: add your Christmas family portrait, recall your favourite family anecdotes, share the recipe for your famous Christmas cookies, make a holiday-themed photo-comic with the family, or include lots of fun family quotes. Another great tip is to turn your newspaper into your family’s annual review. Look back on the year’s most memorable moments, including birthdays, parties, anniversaries, summer barbeques, and school holidays. You’ll turn your newspaper into such an original Christmas for you, your family and others!

Turn your newspaper into an original New Year’s card

New Year’s tradition sees many children write letters for their parents, godmother, godfather and grandparents. Looking to surprise them with something rather different and unique this year? Then make your own New Year’s newspaper for a truly original and personal New Year’s card.

How to make your own New Year’s newspaper 

Perhaps your children have already made a New Year’s card or written a New year’s letter at school or at home? In that case, you can easily scan the card or letter and upload it into your newspaper as a PDF. Alternatively, you can retype the letter using a retro font to give your letter and newspaper that authentic look and feel. Do you have any space left over? Then add lots of photos and drawings made by the children for a extra fun surprise! 

Make a newspaper for your New Year’s resolutions

For many, the new year offers the chance to set new objectives and personal goals. Common New Year’s resolutions include exercising more, eating healthier, losing weight, making more time for friends and family, quit smoking etc. Setting these resolutions is easy; it’s keeping to them that often proves difficult. Well, why not make a New Year’s newspaper filled with this year’s resolutions? A visual representation of your resolutions will make them seem more official and will undoubtedly help you keep them!

Make your own New Year’s newspaper for an original New Year's card - Happiedays

How to make your own Christmas and New Year’s newspaper online

It’s super easy to make your own Christmas and New Year’s newspaper online. With the help of our user-friendly online editor and inspirational newspaper templates, you can get started immediately! We’ve prepared several newspaper templates for the holiday season so that you can make your own Christmas and New Year’s newspaper straight away! You can build on these newspaper templates or use them as inspiration for your own creation. Your special edition holiday newspaper will undoubtedly be the most original Christmas and New Year's card your friends and family have ever received.

How to personalize your Christmas and New Year’s newspaper

An added bonus at Happiedays is that you can personalize your newspaper so that everyone receives a unique copy. You can do this by addressing each person personally, adding different photos, or even adjusting the layout. Personalizing your newspapers is easy to do and doesn’t involve any extra costs! How does it work, exactly? When you make your own Christmas and New Year’s newspaper, create a design you want to base the rest of your newspaper on. You can then duplicate this newspaper multiple times and adjust each copy or duplicate accordingly. Pretty cool, right? Imagine the look on everyone’s faces when they receive their own personalized Christmas newspaper.

Have your Christmas and New Year’s newspaper delivered to your friends and family

Once you’ve created your Christmas and New Year’s newspapers, Happiedays will print and deliver them to all your friends and family! There are two delivery options: you can either have all your copies delivered to you at home (and you can personally hand them out to your friends later) or you can have the newspapers delivered directly to your friends’ doorsteps. Either way, they won’t know what’s hit them! Make your own Christmas and New Year’s newspaper to surprise all your friends and family with the most original Christmas card they’ve ever received.